I Now Pronounce You Valiant and Valiant

I Now Pronounce You Valiant and Valiant



Manhattanville College has been hosting weddings for many years. The campus’ beautiful landscape and nostalgic look of the castle appeals to many individuals who are in the process of planning their wedding. Anyone can book their wedding here at Manhattanville. However, alumni and faculty receive a discount when holding their wedding at the college. Faculty receive a higher discount than alumni.

The number of weddings at Manhattanville have increased since Maryann Neff became the Events Coordinator, two years ago. She works closely with Elena Sassone, Catering Director, in coordinating all aspects of a wedding. The school uses multiple different media outlets to advertise their wedding services. The two main external websites they advertise on are, TheKnot. com and wedding-spot.com. As for their internal outlets for advertisement they use their Facebook page “Reid Castle at Manhattanville.” They also have their own website called reidcastleevents.com, where they outline what is offered for the weddings.


Manhattanville accommodates virtually every request made by the bride and groom. The school allows the bride and groom to just hold their ceremony at the school or they can have both the ceremony and the reception at the school. The ceremony can be held in a couple of different places, the Rose Garden, East Terrace (lower terrace), or in the O’Byrne Chapel. In case of bad weather, the ceremony can also be held in the Ophir Hall, the room directly inside the front door of Reid Castle.

The cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony; usually takes place in the French Parlor of the castle. However, if the weather is nice enough they do have the option to hold the cocktail hour on the East Terrace. When a wedding is booked through the college they reserve the entire rst oor of Reid Castle for the wedding. The reception is usually held in the Ophir Room.

Sassone acts as the wedding planner when coordinating with the bride and groom. Manhattanville discourages the bride and groom from using their own wedding planner since it can cause many internal conflicts when it comes to planning the wedding. Sassone handles everything from the ceremony, to the catering.

Chartwells caters all weddings that are held at the school. The food that is supplied is not the same food that is in the cafeteria. The wedding contract between the college and the bride and groom guarantees the highest level of food in Chartwells catering arsenal.

Once the wedding is booked the school sets up a payment plan with the bride and groom. The plan consists of an initial down payment to book the space and then a series of payments following the initial deposit.

Hosting weddings on campus has multiple benefits for the college. From a marketing standpoint it offers great exposure from the school. By hosting weddings, the marketing of the college expands itself outside of the realm of just prospective students. It allows the college to show its perks in a different light. In addition, the weddings offer financial support to the college. The school gains revenue in two different ways through weddings.

The college receives revenue from the rental of the castle. Also, they share the profits of the catering with Chartwells. Weddings are predominately held on Saturdays, but they can be held on Friday or Sunday. The school currently has weddings booked up until the spring of 2019. The area of Westchester County offers an ideal location for weddings, due to the abundance of hotels in White Plains and the proximity to NYC. Weddings will continue to happen at Manhattanville College, look for alumni and faculty to hold their weddings in the stunning Reid Castle.