Welcome Back Party Bashed by Students


On Sept. 1, 2017, Manhattanville College celebrated its annual Welcome Back Party. This event took place in the East Room, a spacious area above the cafeteria. There was a professional DJ who played a range of music as well as a multi-colored lights system which made the room more exciting. Doors were opened to the public at 11:00p.m. and reentry was closed at 12:30a.m. A poll was taken on the Manhattanville Class of 2021 Facebook page focusing on what the freshmen thought about this year’s Welcome Back Party.

Here are the results:

Number of people who loved the party: 5

Number of people who didn’t like the party/thought it needed improvements: 17

Number of people who didn’t attend: 29

According to the data, many of the freshmen that attended, did not enjoy the party as originally anticipated. In a brief interview with an anonymous freshman, they said that the party would have been much more enjoyable if the school provided different beverages besides water to drink, as well as food. This is a concern that will hopefully make its way to the appropriate party in charge. Although the party wasn’t all that everyone expected it would be, Manhattanville College’s fall semester for the year 2017 is just beginning, and there is plenty of more fun to come with events that will be sure to bring an enjoyable time to all who come and participate.