The End of an Era


As the volleyball season starts for Manhattanville, seniors Kerry Mackey, Meagan Dattoma, and Asia- Morgohn Reid look to finish up their four-year careers on a high note. With the season well underway, the women’s volleyball team looks to continue their impressive start. The team has already taken down regionally ranked Montclair State University, United States Merchant Marine Academy, and Farmingdale State University.

One of the most important keys to having a successful team is chemistry, something the volleyball team does not lack. The three sister-like teammates have given each other the confidence and determination to grind out several wins to kick o the 2017 season.


“All the support we give each other and the family dynamic that we have produced is really what keeps us going day in and day out, along with the love for the game,” said Asia-Morgohn Reid.

Every team’s main goal to start off the season is to win their conference’s championship, but these girls plan to do this and more.

The main objective since day one of preseason was to win conference, as well as to become regionally ranked in New York. The team had their rst conference game on Wednesday Sept. 13, and look to move forward from there.

The bond between this group of girls can be simply put as a strong one. The team holds team meals in the cafeteria, and spends time volunteering throughout the year, in order to give back to the community. This group has deffnitely proven that their chemistry on and o the court lead to positive results.

“Having a competitive edge with a group like this makes it a lot of fun. Regardless whether you win or lose, it really is about having fun and knowing you have a team to enjoy it with which makes it that much better,” stated Meagan Dattoma.

Although the three seniors have gone through their fair share of adversity, they have always relied on volleyball, as a relief to get away from it all. The three seniors, who have lead the team in points scored, strive towards winning the MAC Freedom Conference championship this year. This would be a phenomenal way to cap o their memorable careers here at Manhattanville College.

“Having volleyball as an escape along with my teammates is what has shaped my college career and is why I have enjoyed it so much,” said Kerry Mackey.

As the women’s volleyball team continues their season, they will look to complete their best year since Mackey, Dattoma and Reid joined the team. These seniors will continue their quest for a conference championship
at home on Tuesday Sept. 19, 2017 in Kennedy Gym
at 7:00p.m. against Wilkes University.