Taylor No Swiping


Trigger Warnings: This article speaks with great aversion towards Taylor Swift, in regard to everything she says, does, and appears on.

Taylor Swift must have bumped her head and thought she transformed into Annalise Keating, when she thought she could get away with ripping off Beyoncé.

Swift, who recently dropped a new song entitled “Look What You Made Me Do,”
can be seen doing a series of scenes that look far too familiar to what Beyoncé has done in the past. One of the most similar scenes is where Swift is standing in formation with her dancers, much like Beyoncé, in her music video for “Formation”.

The music video was hackneyed. It felt like something we have all seen before, and the Beehive was not having it.

Many took to Twitter to express their thoughts and opinions. One fan wrote, “Taylor Swift wanna be Beyoncé so bad. Fake surprise album drop, aesthetics. Girl bye.”

While another fan wrote, “The song is poor man’s Britney, the video’s gonna be a poor man’s Beyoncé. Taylor Swift wants to be anyone but Taylor Swift.”

My personal favorite is a post that a fan made with still shots of both Beyonce’s “Lemonade” video and Swift’s new video and titled it “Lemonade and Minute Maid.”

While it is one thing to have the Beehive attack you, it is another to have your own fans saying that they are not here for the nonsense either.

Swift’s own fans were slamming her for taking a new direction with the every tone of the new
single; however, this is understandable, considering that the song portrays itself as a musical jab at her celebrity nemeses. Among them are Katy Perry and, of course her off -and-on-again rival, Kanye West.

This still does not negate the fact that Taylor Swift is a copycat, used gum chewer, who consistently reminds people of the time Kanye

West stole her shine, because let’s be real, that is the only thing that keeps her relevant, besides the beef she has going on with Katy Perry, which by now is pretty stale.

One last thing, Taylor if you are reading this, you and your camp are disrespectful for dropping your album on the anniversary of Donda West’s, Kanye West’s mother’s, death. There are plenty other Fridays that you could’ve dropped your album, but you chose that one. Who raised you?