Manhattanville Tradition in Question


As Manhattanville begins the new school year, many students anticipate the parties that the Campus Actions Board (CAB) throws dedicated to the countdown to graduation, The Nights Parties. Thrown in the East Room, each party has a different theme, which has been tradition at Manhattanville for decades.

Run by the CAB and Student Government Association (SGA), both associations work hard in creating a fun atmosphere for the students. The 200 Nights Party is thrown Halloween weekend and the guests

are encouraged to dress in costume. 100 Nights, thrown in February, has a different theme every year. Notable themes in the past were decades and sports jerseys. Finally, the 50 Nights party, which is toga themed, inspires guests to scour Pinterest and use a bed sheet to make a toga for the night.

Over the last few years, the attendance has substantially declined. SGA President, Heather Krannich, explained that “the parties are thrown for the seniors, but seniors barely attend.”The overall turnout to these parties are underclassmen, who only stay for a few hours. Although the parties have low attendance, the parties will still exist, as they are tradition, but Krannich stated that “they will no longer be the countdown nights’ parties.” SGA is still looking for more options for on campus parties that the student body will attend.

Over the summer, an administrator reached out to the O ce of Student Activities (OSA) and SGA to brainstorm other activity options for the senior class and student body. Senior Class President Dylan Hayes stated that he would like to see events specifically designed for seniors and events that seniors would want to participate in; such as formal events, wine tastings, and other events of that nature. These options are possibilities of events that could happen in the spring. Hayes explained that he wants to “work together with a small committee of seniors to help plan these events and other senior festivities, such as fundraising ideas.”

Additionally, “the future of the Nights parties and other senior countdown events is in the hands of the senior class o cers with support from the O ce of Student Activities,” said Director of OSA, Adebimpe Dare. She hopes to see the senior class create events throughout the year and fundraise towards their senior class gift.

Finally, if you would like to see anything speci c happen in lieu of the Nights Parties, contact Dylan Hayes and Heather Krannich, who are open for suggestions.