Manhattanville Has A New VP


Manhattanville College is welcoming many new faces to campus this fall, including the new Vice President of Student A airs and Title IX Coordinator, Dr. Cindy Long Porter.

With over 30 years of experience in higher education, and a concentration in Student Affairs, Porter is well versed in the needs of the student population. Over the years, she saw how impactful the Student Affairs Office could be in student’s lives. Because of the importance of student involvement, Porter hopes to create an engaged community on campus.

“[Students] spend the majority of [their] time outside the classroom. If we can create intentional experiences for students that are fun, but where they are connecting with their peers or talking about issues that matter or talking with people that have different opinions/ thoughts they’re going to grow intellectually,” she said.

As the VP, Porter oversees the Office of Student Affairs which includes: Office
of the Dean of Students, Residence Life, Department of Athletics, Health Center, Counseling & Wellness, Student Activities, Disability Services, International Student Services, the
Center for Student Success, the Duchesne Center and the Center for Inclusion. Together she works with the o ces to create learning experiences for students on campus.

Dr. Porter also holds the position as the campus’s Title IX coordinator. Porter has made it clear that she is an advocate for education regarding sexual assault, sexual violence, consent for faculty, staff, and students.

“[Title IX education is something] we have a responsibility to do, just as much as we have a responsibility to educate students in so many other areas,” Porter said.

As VP, Porter hopes to get involved on campus. Porter does not assume she understands everything about Manhattanville students, but she hopes she will soon. To do so, she asks that the students reach out to her and share their experiences, to help improve Manhattanville in the future.

“I want to do a lot of listening. I want to listen about what the student experience is like here…. The more I’m able to listen the more I’m able to be involved in conversations,” she said.

Additionally, student organizations, sports teams, music/theater groups, or individuals need only reach out to Porter to have her attend events or meetings. She is very busy, but very enthusiastic about experiencing Manhattanville life.

“I hope I get to work with students, staff, and faculty. I don’t want to be a Vice President that sits behind a closed door. I want to be visible,” she said.

Porter brings a vibrant and positive outlook on student experiences and education that Manhattanville can only benefit from. So, if you see Dr. Porter on campus, please say hello and introduce yourself, or stop by her o ce hours, Mondays from 3:00p.m. to 4:00p.m. She wants to talk to students. Tell her about your feelings about the Game of Thrones finale or a new Broadway Cast Recording, but most importantly tell her about you.