Gettin’ Saucy with Jack Schwartz


As he stood up on the Quad Jam stage, singing one his more famous songs, OK, a special musical phenomenon happened. The crowd took over, singing the words back to the performer. It was no longer just him singing to the crowd, he was singing with the crowd and the crowd was singing with him.

The performer was Manhattanville’s own, Jack Schwartz. Although this was not his largest performance, this moment Schwartz deems it his biggest success. “Having a crowd sing back to you, you still keep singing the lyrics but knowing that you don’t have to because everyone knows what word is coming next, there’s no feeling like it,” said Schwartz.

This type of success does not happen overnight. Schwartz’s love for music began many years ago. He was born and raised in Portland, Maine. From the age of 7 to the age of 13 Schwartz took guitar lessons. Although he enjoyed them, he realized that there was something more for him in the music world.

Sophomore year of high school he picked up piano, began taking lessons, and was instantly hooked. He showed particular interest in jazz piano. Once he locked down the basics of playing piano, he began to play around and make his own tunes.

It was time to make the jump from messing around on
the piano to recording in a studio. Odie Desmith, one of Schwartz’ good friends from high school, built his own recording studio. As Schwartz put it “that thing was legit.” They started to dabble in soul and hip-hop music. The first offcial song he recorded was, “Steady Movin”. It is also the most listened to song by fans.

Before he came to New York, his rst performance came on the day of his high school graduation. He sang “Gravity” by John Mayer in front of classmates, friends and family. He was hooked on performing.

The decision to come to New York was not an easy one for Schwartz. He loves where he grew up in Maine, but felt that he could truly hone in his musical ability here in New York. The culture of the city truly captures his creativity.

Manhattanville is where he found his support group, people that truly inspire him in and out of the recording booth. He has worked with many di erent musicians. Andre Blue, musical partner, and friend, is someone Jack truly idolizes when it comes to making music and simply living a healthy lifestyle.

“Andre has my back, at the end of the day whether its music stuff or life stuff. The music chemistry is there but at the end of the day it is the friendship, the man is truly wise before his years.” said Schwartz.


Not only has he had success in the collegiate musical world, he is also on the music industrys map. His album “Part II”, which has 11 songs, is featured on Spotify and iTunes.

This past year Jack collaborated with some of his fellow classmates, Andre Blue, Declan Jones, Angel Valle Jr, and Brandon Florich. Together, they created the group Bluejack and The Sauce Boyz. During this past summer, the group solely focused on the Summer Sauce Tour. They appeared at many different venues in the Northeast region; Boston, Massachusetts; Boonton, New Jersey; Portland, Maine; White Plains City Center; and The AVY Club in Campbell Hall, New York. The summer was one to remember for this group.

The end of the summer marked the time for Jack to return to making his own music. He is always working with other musicians, this is how any musician can nd inspiration. His friendship with Blue, and the rest of the Sauce Boyz is one that will last a life time. He is currently working on releasing his latest EP. Inspiration for this latest music came from his photographer, Arori Claybuckner. Schwartz received a piece of graphic design from Claybuckner and he was able to transform that into an EP. The date of release is still to be determined.

“I don’t want to release anything I am not proud of, I want it to be perfect to me, and that’s what matters,” said Schwartz.

Schwartz will continue his pursuit of a happy and successful lifestyle in the music industry. His plans for his post Manhattanville life are not concrete. “I want to stay in New York for now, it helps me and my creativity, but at the end of the day I want to be in a place where I can survive on making music., said Schwartz.

Jack has more shows coming up in the next couple of months. October 6, 2017 6:00p.m. (Andre Blue 8:00p.m.) The Alphabet Lounge 104 Avenue C, NYC, NY.