FALLing into Fashion


It’s that time of the year. The weather is changing and you know what that means, summer is over! The mornings and evenings are chilly; school has officially begun. Pack up those crop tops, shorts, sandals, and bathing suits because it’s SWEATER WEATHER.

The question of the season is: what is the new style that you are going to be wearing this fall? Are you going to dress to impress, or be cute and casual? I know that I would love to dress in the com est of clothes, as if I were going to throw myself right back into bed after morning classes, but that just is not the way it happens. Every morning shouldn’t be a struggle, getting dressed shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun! Your clothes should be your friend, not your enemy. That’s why you need to make sure that you are comfortable, always look your best, and that your out ts complement you. When you feel good about yourself, you will feel good about your day!

All of the stores are full of the new fall and winter fashions. They are making it so hard to decide what to buy! Although most of us would love to buy all the clothes, we’re college students and mostly on a budget.

Guys, make sure you steal those sweaters and sweatshirts back from your girls that stole them from you because it’s getting chilly!


Nothing like a big oversized sweatshirt to lounge in. Guys have it so much easier than girls, they can never go wrong with putting on a nice pair of blue jeans, Timberlands, UGG slippers, and a hoodie before walking out of the house. They can even throw on a pair of slides with socks, and o to class they go.

Ladies, we, on the other hand, think a little more in the mornings about what we are going to wear and what we look like. We make it WAY more difficult than it should be, but that is what being a girl is all about. We make sure our hair is done, our makeup is done, and our out t is somewhat put together. Even if we dress lazy, we still make sure we put effort into it, don’t let us fool you.

On that note, ladies, make sure you have those UGG slippers, big sweaters and leggings, ready to go for those more-than-often lazy mornings, where you get out of bed and go o to class. This is our simple, typical, and most popular out t worn on chilly fall days.

I heard plaid shirts, skirts, and dresses are going to be huge this fall around campus, along with the popular “off the shoulder” sweaters, that keep you warm and cozy, yet fashionable. Skinny jeans are not going anywhere, so make sure you stock up! Skinny jeans can be casual and dressy, make sure you have all of your accessories! Scarves will be a must this fall and winter, you can really make use of them on campus and off!

Just a quick FYI, for all you ladies out there, I will say to you BOOTS, BOOTS, and more BOOTS!! Be on the lookout for boots that will get you through the rain, hail, sleet, and snow! Cute boots, dressy boots, casual boots, and don’t forget booties. They are out there, and they are amazing! You don’t have to spend a fortune, as you can  find great sales. Be on the lookout. Hunter Boots are AMAZING, we have come a long way from what was once considered a snow/rain boot. They are cute, and come in different colors. They are durable, and with the eece sock inserts, they are cozy and warm.

Don’t forget that Manhattanville lounge wear is the BEST! I live in my sweats and half-zip sweaters! I wear them every chance I get, to class, to the gym and they have become the offcial lounge wear of my family! Go and check out the bookstore and online, HAPPY FALL SHOPPING!