Communications Outsourced


Among all of the changes on campus this year, Manhattanville partnered with Adler Branding and Marketing to add to our communication department.

The Touchstone sat with coordinator Heidi Raker to discuss their main goal for the campus this year. Adler Branding and Marketing will be revising multiple aspects involved with campus communications, however, their main focus will be on the school’s social media management and branding.

They believe that social media has become a fantastic way to increase student involvement for both residential and commuter students. The school will be pushing out information later this month with all the events on campus.

Manhattanville Communications Blast is a great way for different clubs and organizations on campus to push out information and events that take place on campus. Although the Blast has taken a brief hiatus, the Blast will be returning within the next two weeks.

The Blast is an important part of the campus community and supports the idea of what it means to be a Valiant. If there are any ideas or questions that you may have for the team feel free to contact them via email at