Club Fair Sparks Interest on Campus


A swarm of students went to the East Room on September 6, 2017 for Manhattanville’s club fair. This year was not a disappointment, as there were many different clubs to choose from. There were about 39 clubs participating in the involvement fair.

Some of the clubs that were in attendance were Hillel of Westchester, which meets every Wednesday and Friday for Shabbat dinner; Active Minds, a club spreading awareness about mental health; The Entrepreneur Club, which helps young students learn ways to make their own business; and The Manhattanville Video Project, which lets students create their very own movies. Each of these clubs had their own booths and most of them had pamphlets available to students.

There were fewer people compared to last year, but still many students signed up for the clubs. There were some clubs missing at the fair such as The Japanese Club. The most recent club at the fair was the Latin club. For many freshman, these clubs will help build their social circles and skills.

“Every table had a good number of students that visited each one,” According to Campus Activities Board staff.

The fair provided opportunities for students to become involved in sports and art activities. Clubs help to build up a stronger and impressive resume, so going to this fair would help students realize their true potential according to club organizers. The students running the clubs need to show some sort of leadership skills. Organizing a club and being at the fair is very prestigious and exciting. In these clubs, many students can broaden their horizons by joining a religious group and practice their beliefs. These groups make religious students feel more comfortable in school.

Many students seemed excited and eager to learn about the different opportunities they could take advantage of here at Manhattanville. Freshmen, and upperclassmen looked nervous, yet had a jubilant smile as they walked out of the East Room. Last years club fair took place outside on the Mini Quad between Founders and Spellman, but this years was less spacious because it was inside due to the weather.

Students came out of the fair excited about the new chances they would have to make friends and learn new things. The fair makes
it easy for students to learn new ways to build character, academically and socially.

If you’re interested in making a club and participating
in the club fair next year, visit the Offce of Student Activities with a passion for your club and six members ready to make it happen. They give students an account and a website that helps start clubs. Students would fill out all designated forms and submit them in a timely fashion.

The committee will then decide whether this club is a good fit for this school. Manhattanville encourages students to become active in clubs and become an activist for a cause that you believe in. This year’s club fair was a the first step in taking advantage of student life for the freshmen students and the last chance for college seniors.