What do you want to be?

“I want to be an author. I love writing stories; I love telling stories; I love creating characters. I’ve been working on this fantasy novel since I was a sophomore in high school. It’s still not nished. I like fantasy and young adult novels; just anything that strays from my life right now. You know how some writers like Stephen King? All of his characters have some part of him in them; like, they’re all writers and they’re all male. I can’t do that because when I write, I don’t want it to think about myself, I want to think about someone else, someone who’s not me.”


So you know empathy? You know how to put yourself in someone’s shoes.

“Yeah. And I feel like—even though I try not too—all of my characters have similarities. Like, my dad wasn’t in my life for eight years so I only noticed recently that in my writing, a lot of my characters have absent father gures in one way or another. It’s weird because I don’t know that I’m doing it. And then when my dad came back, the main character of my fantasy novel—his dad came back.

I’m trying to stay away from it because even though I’m not talking to my dad now, I still want my character to talk to his…because, why not?”