Who Said “Graffiti” was a Bad Thing?


On April 19, the Manhattanville College English Department released the Spring 2017 edition of Graffiti Literary Magazine. For the first time ever, the event took place in the Creative Writing Center in the Barat House with a lovely selection of tasty treats and beverages



The undergraduate magazine contains a magnificent amount of talent produced by student artists here at Manhattanville. The launch was hosted by Graffiti’s Editor-in-Chief, Emily Behnke, along with her co-editor, Katherine Matuszek, who is also a member of Touchstone. The advisor for Graffiti was Professor Van Hartmann.

Hearing the voices of those courageous enough to submit their astonishing pieces to the magazine’s editors was truly enlightening to all that attended the launch.

Of course, with help from a team of awesome hard-working student contributors, the release achieved a fantastic response!

The Graffiti committee applauds all who submitted pieces as well as those who read aloud their works at the event. It was a journey hearing your words. On behalf of Touchstone, we would like to give a special congratulation to the winners of the English departmental awards: Allison Malalaun, Shanice Peters, Danaleigh Reilly, and Melissa Rogers. Compliments to Graffiti on another successful launch.