Student Profile: Igor Tomeski


Sophomore Igor Tomeski, ‘19, is no stranger to the world of filmmaking. Born in Macedonia, Tomeski began his journey on a national TV show in the country at age 8, acting out 5-minute long monologues for two seasons.

“That gave me regional and national recognition, so a lot of opportunities opened up. At age nine, I started to play major roles in regional community theaters, host teenage music festivals, and create comic books,” said Tomeski.



When he was ten, he opened a small film club with teenage friends and actors where Tomeski independently produced a couple of short films. Two years later, he was hired by a regional TV station to create and produce original content, which featured his chosen teenage cast. Tomeski led more than 50 teenage actors, and then instructed a professional crew for four years as the show became more popular.

“Upon my high school graduation, I wrote and directed a 3-hour-long absurdist theatrical play which was nationally recognized as a societal corrector of the political happenings in Macedonia. I was nationally recognized as creative phenomenon and as an outstanding role model for the youth for several years,” said Tomeski.

He has since continued with independent filmmaking, theatrical plays, commercials, stand-up, comedy sketches.

“Most of my work shares humanitarian, equality and ‘betterment of the world’ themes, as well as involve tons of people. I was nominated by the Nobel’s National Society of High School Scholars,” said Tomeski.

Ultimately, his work gained international recognition after he was nominated by the NSHSS Awards. He received two International Nobel Awards in 2015 and 2016 for his extraordinary leadership, academic and visionary capabilities. The 2016 award represented Manhattanville College at the New York City School of Medicine, and he was named a future world leader by Claes Nobel.

One of his Macedonian films was recently screened on campus as a part of the Manhattanville International Stduent Film Festival.
Currently, Tomeski is producing two other short films in cooperation with the Manhattanville College Dance and Theatre and Communications and Media departments, in collaboration with European colleagues and friends from the industry, as a cross-cultural artistic experience.