Senior Internship Spotlight: Jordan Winch


Jordan Winch is spending her final days at Manhattanville with much excitement for the future of post-graduation. Winch is a Subsidiary Rights intern at Macmillan Publishers – Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group.

What are some of your responsibilities?

Winch: As an intern, my responsibilities spanned between opening boxes of new materials and foreign translated editions and making sure they had the correct specs (copyright lines, authors names, etc) The majority of my responsibilities came when the Subsidiary Assistant in our department left Macmillan in our busiest time of the year right before our bi-annual fair in Bologna. I had to step up and take over not only the responsibility of prepping for Bologna which included creating a guide of all our titles set to publish in Winter 2018 season and packing countless boxes of books, but also, I had to take over the full set of responsibilities that come with her position. I had to learn a lot in a short amount of time and maintain the position of intern and Subsidiary Assistant. Those responsibilities were responding to production requests coming in from foreign publishers interested in translating and publishing one of our titles. The process included quoting the publishers a fee for the files, negotiating if needed, downloading and providing the files for the publisher, and then invoicing them for the file fees. As stressful as the past month and a half have been, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to step up and show my capabilities.



















How does this internship differ from your previous internships?

Winch: This internship differs from my previous internships because publishing is what I have always wanted to do – I have worked my way to be exactly where I am right now. I took other editorial internships at Westchester Magazine and at a small literary agency in hopes of landing an internship at a large trade publisher. This internship has given me the chance for a look-see into my future, and it has only solidified my passion for the publishing industry!

Winch, who applied to both the NYU Publishing Institute and the Columbia Publishing Course for the summer 2017 program will be attending the Columbia Publishing Course upon graduation.

Winch’s advice for those seeking an internship is to “never give up or to lose passion or gusto in the searching process. Also, never count yourself out and have confidence in yourself and your abilities.”

Working in the publishing industry has prepared Winch in many ways, “rejection comes more times than not – and that’s something you have to accept, process, learn from, and keep moving forward from.”

“I thought I bombed my interview for this position and hadn’t heard back until very last minute, almost two weeks into the start of the semester. That experience taught me to always believe in myself and to hold on to hope,” said Winch.