Humans of Manhattanville: Samantha Biegel


How do you like your internship as Peer Career Advisor at the Career Development Office (CCD)?



“I love it. It’s very rewarding if you work hard. The purpose of my internship to begin with is to meet one-on-one with students in a fifteen-minute appointment. It’s a great opportunity because normally they [the CCD staff] have grad interns; I’m an undergrad intern. So I feel that they are trusting me to keep confidentiality and to do the best job I can even though I’m a junior.”

“At first I was nervous because I didn’t know how this was going to look just because this internship is being created as I go along; there was nothing here like this before. But I feel competent and confident now because I’ve been training pretty rigorously, meeting with students, and learning how to role with things a little bit better. So at the beginning—like anything else- you’re nervous about the experience and you’re not really sure what to expect; the fear of the unknown can get to you but I feel right now that I’m really competent. I have a lot to learn, of course, but I feel more comfortable.”

How did you decide that career counseling is what you want to do?

“I think—and I’m a big proponent of this- it is really important to find something that you love to do. Not only that, but find something that comes to you easily and that you can use your natural abilities, because then your work will be, maybe not easy, but you’ll be enjoying what you’re doing. Every day won’t feel like a tragedy to wake up and go to work. It will even be fun to an extent. I feel I’m able to listen to people in one-on-one sessions easily and comfortably. I wanted to match this skill to a career and counseling is definitely it.

There’s so much to know about how to find a job, about how to prepare for an interview; there are so many complex processes. Even I’m still confused to a certain extent about things. But if I can clarify all that for one person, to really help them see what they can improve, develop a new skill, or see something differently, I’ll feel that I’ve done my job. That really makes me feel accomplished. That’s why I feel really fulfilled in doing this. Eventually I’d really like to be able to say ‘I’ve watched that person grow up over several years and I feel like I had a part in that.’”