How to Deal with Stress


No one wants to be stressed, it’s no fun. Your nerves are all knotted, your eyes twitch, you feel tired, and you are overwhelmed.

Stress ensues anxiety, depression or sad feelings, increased irritability (basically you get mad), and difficulty focusing. Stress causes you to feel less motivated, less like yourself. If your heart is still beating, you will never be able to completely escape stress, but you can control
the extent to which stress takes a role in your life.

Here are a few steps I personally take when dealing with a lot of stress or when I feel overwhelmed.



1. Take a deep breath.

Breathing is half the battle. Breathing helps us to remember that we are present, alive, and somewhat in control.

2. Admit that you’re stressed.

It’s natural to be stressed or overwhelmed by a situation or string of situations. How you deal with these feelings determines how long you will be stressed for.

3. Write a list.

This list could be a list of activities you need to complete, a list of stressing factors. Lists help you to put a name to the problems you have. If lists overwhelm you, try to do the following steps in your mind.

4. Cross the things you can control off the list.

Use these things to create a To-Do list or a I Can Do list. An I Can Do list is a list of realistic goals that you know for sure you can accomplish. Try to gauge the amount of time each item will take, ideally.

5. Use the remaining items as a reminder that you can control everything.

You aren’t able to control all things. If you were, you wouldn’t be stressed.

6. Smile, do something silly to change your mood even though it’s only temporary.

Get to work on the things you can change and try to lower, not eliminate your stress level – because you will never escape stress in this world.
Pretending like you can eradicate stress is like pretending you are a rich man, when you know you are poor.