From the U.K. to the U.S.


The Manhattanville men’s golf team has enjoyed a moderate amount of success this year and will look to continue this progress throughout the remainder of their season. This past weekend, the team took a trip north to Ballston Spa, NY, and participated in the Tim Brown Invitational, which was their last tournament of the regular season. Finishing middle of the pack in the majority of the tournaments the team competed in, they’ll definitely look to improve for next season.

Freshman Rob Andrews from Sheffield, England, reflected on his first year at Manhattanville. He shared his experience abroad for the first time in the United States with Touchstone.

Q: Is there any difference in the style of play here compared to golf in England?

Andrews: “There is not much of a difference between here in New York and where I am from in England. The courses are similar in length, the layouts are similar, and most of the people that play the sport are very alike as well.

One difference in England is that there are not as many courses around as there are here, but I would say the biggest difference for me would be playing styles required.

At home I have to play more of a tactical style of golf and not use my driver as much, whereas here, I feel like the courses reward a long ball off the tee.”

Q: Have you enjoyed your first year here?

Andrews: “I’ve enjoyed my first year here at Manhattanville. I have not been as successful as I hoped I’d be on the course, but it has definitely been a learning experience. I have experienced lots of different courses and types of golf and it has helped develop and grow my golf game. I now feel confident that I can go to unfamiliar courses and get around them easier than I would have been able to before. I have learned a great deal here about myself and my game.”

Q: What is the culture of the team like?

Andrews: “I think one of the best things about our team is that we are not very big. Because of this we get to spend a lot of time together at practice and during rounds, and outside of golf as well. I feel the culture of the team is very welcoming and positive. The older guys are supportive of me and try to help me whenever possible. Not only on the golf course but with classes and things of that nature as well. We work well together and collaborate well as a team.”

Q: How can the team improve for next year?

Andrews: “To improve for next year, I think we need to concentrate more on the mental side of the game. We all have a lot of skill, but our downside has been the mental aspect for sure. Each round is usually over four and a half hours, and it’s a long time to be out on the course. I feel like if we can become stronger mentally, our scores will improve dramatically.”