Manhattanville’s 5th Annual Drag Show


Manhattanville’s 5th Annual Drag showcase was a night to remember. The performance lineup consisted of drag queens Venus Soleil, Johnny Slay, KUNTY, Lindsay Blohan, Fika Formè, Sherry Poppins, and drag king Otto Matick. The headlining special guest performance featured none other than RuPaul’s Drag Race season 4 contestant, Jiggly Caliente. The event was hosted by Manhattanville’s very own Raphaella Brice.

The crowd cheered on as the performers entertained with a variety of pieces ranging from choreographed bits to even stand up. The night opened with a Janet Jackson tribute performed by Jiggly Caliente. Her performance was nothing short of high-energy-packed dance moves and pure fierceness. All the queens and the king did an amazing job that night



After the performance, all the queens and the king gathered on stage for a Q&A session with the audience.
One audience member asked Caliente, “What was your inspiration for your name?”

“Jiggly came from Pokémon, when people went to sleep she would get so pissed. Then a queen once told me that I was too spicy, too hood, so that name basically sucked,” she replied.

Another audience member, by the name of Falon, geared her question towards all the performers in which she asked, “What was the hardest part of being a drag queen?”

“Try getting to a location and having to get ready there and realizing you forgot something. One time I got to a venue and realized I forgot my eyelash glue so I ended up having to use wig glue,” said Sherry Poppins.

Venus Soleil said the hardest part for her was being different and keeping things fresh and new. As hard as it may seem though, it is doable.
Jiggly Caliente said, “Staying relevant.”

The show ended with the queens telling the audience what they thought about the current season of RuPaul’s drag race. Caliente revealed that a fan favorite was to be eliminated. Afterwards, the audience was given the chance to take pictures with the queens and king.

The show was sponsored by Residence Life, Pride, OSA, RHA, Student Government and was held in the East Room.