Senior Internship Spotlight With Alex Carlbom


Manhattanville College has been home for international student-athlete Alexandra Carlbom, of Gothenburg, Sweden for the past four years. She is interning for her second semester at Daniel Wellington Inc., a Swedish watch company as an AR intern (Accounts Receivable). Carlbom was lucky enough to know a friend who works for the company in NYC as a sales representative.

What are some of your responsibilities?

Carlbom: I primarily make sure that clients are paying what they owe for the watches they have bought and are selling in their stores. If they have larger orders, I put together a payment plan for them. I also do some side projects apart from typical AR responsibilities. This semester, I am reaching out to all our retailers with Retail Agreements so that we have an equal understanding of what we expect from the retailers, and what they can expect from us in return.

How does this internship differ to previous internships?

Carlbom: I had a previous internship on Wall Street as an Equity Analyst Intern. The responsibilities were very different, and also the work culture and workplace as well. I enjoyed both places, and learned a lot from both. I believe it’s really important to try as many professions as possible, now when we can, (as students) before going out into the professional world. It’s hard to know what you actually want to do sometimes, therefore, internships are so important in order to try to figure out the direction you want to take.

What are your plans after graduation? Fulfilling a job where you intern?

Carlbom: I am planning on staying in the US for my OPT year, and experience
a professional life in NYC. I don’t feel that I have experienced all of NYC yet being a student, so I am excited to see what the future holds. I am discussing with my boss right now if there is a possibility for me to stay at the company, so I will find our very soon if I can stay where I am today.

What advice can you give people trying to find their first internship?

Carlbom: Ask around. It’s so important to not be scared to ask professionals you know, or friends if they know any available opportunities. I got both of my internships through asking people I know, and I am so happy that I did. So, definitely don’t be scared of that. If you like where you are in your internship, and you would like to continue working for them, work hard and ask early if there is an opportunity to stay. Be attentive and excited about the tasks they ask you to finish, people notice when you are serious and want something, so don’t be afraid to, just go for it.