Movie Review: “Get Out”





At this point if you haven’t seen this film by now, I seriously don’t know what you’re waiting for.

In his directorial debut horror lm, “Get Out,” Jordan Peele gives us the story of boy meets parents, saturates it with cliché racial stereotypes and sends it swirling from 0 to 100, real quick.

The cast includes English actor and Netflix’s “Black Mirror” star, Daniel Kaluuya alongside Allison Williams of HBO’s comedy-drama series, “Girls.” The young interracial couple are on a weekend getaway to a white suburban neighborhood where Chris (Kaluuya) meets the parents of his girlfriend, Rose (Williams) for the first time.

Rose hasn’t told her parents that Chris is black and re- assures him that her dad is copacetic, and that he’d even vote for Obama a third time if he could; wouldn’t we all? Chris’s best friend Rod, played by Milton “Lil Rel” Howery, warns him not to go for fear that what all white people want are their own black sex slaves.

Despite Rod’s plea, Chris is deeply in love, and figures that this meet and greet should come sooner rather than later. It is the series of events which follow his decision to go that will have you screaming, “Get the !!@$% out!” while you are left questioning white women and tea cups. As for Chris, it is unclear if he’ll ever make it out alive.

In all honestly, this movie might have some people feeling some type of way. Race has always been, especially since this year’s election, the elephant in the room. While no one likes to be the bad guy, this movie’s culprits are revealed front and center. From the minute the couple arrive, you know exactly who they are.

“Get Out” is the must-see movie of the year and even has Ro en Tomatoes co- signing o on its success with a 100% rating. Thankfully, Peele says this isn’t the last you’ve seen of him. He has a whole line-up of social-horror films in store for us.