Listen Up!





Have you ever wanted your voice to be heard, but felt as if no one would listen? Well, lucky for you WMVL radio is a hidden treasure here at Manhattanville College!

Touchstone interviewed RPM Director Doug Pearson to tell us more information about Manhattanville’s live broadcast radio station. Pearson describes WMVL as “a freeform radio station designed for Manhattanville students to express themselves through their artistic music variety, while reaching out to its audience in order to create a tighter knit community.”

The station allows the public to tune into fellow student’s live broadcasts to discover high profile and new low profile artists that may later be seen on Top 100 mainstream media players such as iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, etc.

Pearson shares with Touchstone, “I joined WMVL to grab some feedback on my own music selection. I wanted different genres of music to be spoken about in a public se ing.”

WMVL is always looking for new interns to launch their own stations to further pursue these up and coming artists. The magic happens in the Berman Center on the first floor. So, come on down and strike up your creative side for everyone to hear.

Station manager Declan Jones is always eager to welcome those who are interested in embracing life through musical expression.

He can be reached at!

WMVL hopes to hear from you!