Berman Fitness Center in Dire Need of Renovation


The Berman Student Center features a gym on the second floor of the building, access to which is granted to all students, staff and faculty of the present, active Manhattanville Community.

Student-athletes on their off-season frequently use the Berman facilities to maintain their level of conditioning throughout the year.

However, as a student who uses the variety of equipment, weights and cardio machines on a near-daily basis, I am appalled by the existing condition of the fitness center. Of the nine treadmills available, at one point only three worked. Maybe five if you’re lucky. Junior Aashana Weekes recalled one day during her cardio routine, the treadmill she was on suddenly decided to shut itself o . Sometimes these picky machines will only allow you to set the speed to anything other than a permanent “1.0 mph.”

The cable crossover machines recently suffered severe damages. Two cable cords snapped completely, rendering the weighted equipment useless. Similarly, the cable crossover machines’ carabiner-clipped grip pieces have suffered wear and tear such as pieces of the rubber handles covering the metal have either fallen o or crumbled apart.

Junior student-athlete Daniel Parchment shared his thoughts on the fitness center:

“As a part of the track team I expect the facilities in Berman to be up to par like those
you see in regular gyms. There should be a variety of treadmills. Some treadmills will suffice for a regular, but sometimes you want to do a long run or fast sprints but unfortunately the Berman Student Center doesn’t have this variety.”

He continued by illustrating a general consensus of peer sentiments on the facilities.

“A lot of student complain about the Berman student center gym because it lacks equipment. Half of it is either broken or missing. Like for example, half the treadmills don’t work. I think it is due for an upgrade. Additions such as a few squat racks, benches, and more free weights would be nice. In terms of weightlifting, Kennedy Gym is a great facility that Manhattanville is fortunate to have. The equipment is state of the art and you have the strength and conditioning staff to help you,” said Parchment.

Senior Courtney Raguso also shared a similar sentiment on the facility:

“People need to actually take care of and x the broken/ missing equipment here. We definitely need more machines. But, I’ll say Matrix is a great brand.”

There is a blatant need for renovations, maintenance, and new equipment for this facility to appropriately serve the Manhattanville community. Until such changes have been made, please take care while using the existing equipment!