Au Revoir, Club GZ!


Manhattanville recently debuted its very own Club GZ. It was presented as a new Saturday nightlife activity in the Benziger Hall Game Zone where you can chill with your friends, play video games, and drink, and…it’s gone.

The Club GZ was a Game Zone-based activity. This Club allowed a safe and legal environment for 21-year- olds to drink and socialize during the night on campus. Club GZ offered a DJ, bottle service, a couple untouched trays of wings and nachos.

After two weeks of this experimentation, however, Club GZ didn’t stick the landing and was forgo en. On its premiere, Club GZ didn’t fare too well; I could count the amount of students who showed up without using all ten fingers on my hands. Of course, I wasn’t counting the people who showed up late just for the free food. It didn’t create the buzz that was expected. Why is that exactly? It’s a rather simple answer: poor organization and execution.

Club GZ was similar in structure to its former predecessor, Pub 21 (which was actually successful). You can buy drinks and listen to loud music on campus. Simple enough, but where the problems lie are in the details. The DJ was connected to the Game Zone speakers, and student employees who have used these speakers understand that they are subpar in quality, especially for this kind of party.

Secondly, the lights were left completely on. The fluorescent white lights blinding everyone at every angle. Doesn’t quite create a chill party vibe now, does it? Let’s add to the list a cash bar priced at six dollars per beer, like any other bar on Mamaroneck Avenue. Would I drink here if it’s just as expensive as a night out? No, thank you.

The final nail in the coffin was Campus Safety and a Resident Director. Anybody walking into the Game Zone without knowing there was an actual event would have believed there was an incident in the area. Authority pinned at the entrance resulted in no one actually showing up.

Who could have seen this coming? Who would have guessed that organizing an event where college kids could drink in the same room as a Resident Director and Campus Safety officials was going to be a op? Certainly not me.

Game Zone employee, Christian Roman, described the event as being “extremely awkward.”

After its premiere on Feb. 4, Club GZ was tested a final time on the 11th with little success. Gone were the DJ and booze service. Regardless, by the following week the event was ultimately cancelled.

Au Revoir Club GZ. I guess video games and booze wasn’t enough of an attraction.