About 7 Sisters Live





Manhattanville College has a long standing tradition of social action and encouraging students to speak up and be heard. On Thursday, Mar. 2, 2017, 7Sisters Live came to Manhattanville College
to provide a platform for female students to share their thoughts on various topics. These topics consisted of, but were not limited to, leadership, the representation of women in the media, race, and other topics affecting women worldwide.

The summit was recorded live and will be distributed across the seven continents of the world.

The mission of the 7Sisters Project resounds with the ideals of diversity and inclusion of Manhattanville.

The 7Sisters Project was founded by Marilyn and Marisa Fezza. This mother daughter duo created this organization with the intent to connect girls from across the seven continents. The idea is that although women across the globe have a lot of differences, whether it be based in the circumstances of birth or development, to understand and accept that while we are all different, as a whole there exist more similarities than differences.

According to Marilyn Fezza, CEO of the 7Sisters Project, “women from all seven continents are connected. We need to build a coalition which supports each other.”

In short, this summit was designed to empower women to not only find their own voice but to use that voice.

The female students of Manhattanville had no trouble finding their voice and using it At 7Sisters Live. There were several profound quotes that came out of this event, but one that resonates with the overall campus climate currently and the event at large is: “We can acknowledge a difference, but it doesn’t mean we must be hateful towards that difference.”

In a school as diverse a Manhattanville College, it is a pleasant note for this quote to have come up during the first ever 7Sisters Live summit. The thoughts of individuals owed creatively and openly, and the sense of mutual respect never fell even when varying points of view combined, this event was extremely successful.

More events like this are coming soon due to the creation of the first 7Sisters Club. Manhattanville College will be the first school to have this club and henceforth there will be a lot more conversation about the plethora of topics that women around the world think about, experience and face.

It was exhilarating to see the diversity in the speakers and the confidence that each speaker spoke with. The air was overall just ebullient and encouraging; with an attendance of over fifty students and faculty.