“We Believe You” Book Review


If you’ve seen the Netflix documentary “The Hunting Ground,” the names Annie E. Clark and Andrea L. Pino may sound familiar. If you haven’t seen the documentary, it dives into several experiences of students stories of sexual assault on college campuses such as University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It’s groundbreaking.

The two students, whose stories are a main component of the documentary wrote “We Believe You,” sharing their stories of seeking justice, along with other survivor stories. Some of the personal stories have remained anonymous to protect the survivor’s privacy. The book is broken up into parts: before, how it happened, trauma and betrayal, healing and everyday activism, declarations of independence, and rights and resources. The stories come from people of all different races, gender, and backgrounds.

Reading some of the personal accounts of sexual assault survivors stories allows the reader to sink into the harsh reality of what these men and women endure. The pace of the book is great for someone who is on the go because each story within each area are roughly twenty pages or less. You’re able to follow along with the journey that the writer has experienced.

I think it’s important for people to become educated about topics such as sexual assault on college campuses, as it is a prevalent issue in our modern society. Not only are you reading along with the journey of the men and women, you are learning the way in which you can do something to change it. My favorite line from the book was from the experience of professor Katie Rose Guest Pryal, “Sometimes it takes getting exactly what we think we want to show us that we really don’t want it all.”

Pick up a copy of “We Believe You” if you want to gain an insight on what is happening in our society right now.



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