The Ultimate “100 Nights” Pajama Party


Every year, Manhattanville College throws three “Nights” parties to celebrate the coming graduating class. To most students, these parties don’t mean much, but to others, specifically seniors, it means everything. These parties mark their last days they’ll spend at Manhattanville College. Each party represents a number of days until seniors bid farewell to their home for the last four years. It begins with “200 Nights,” a costume party that takes place around Halloween. Then comes “100 Nights,” a themed party of choice. And finally, last but not least, “50 Nights,” a toga party marking just 50 days until graduation.

For this year’s” 100 Nights,” Manhattanville CAB (Campus Activity Board) decided to go with a pajama themed party—The Ultimate PJ Party. The party was held in the East Room of Benziger Hall, located above the cafeteria. It was decorated with colorful balloons, streamers and feathers that covered the floor and ceiling. At one end of the room stood the DJ and at the other end you could find the refreshments and snacks.

The pajama attire from “100 Nights” ranged from simple pajamas, like your standard T-shirt and bottoms and even onesies, to the luxurious and popular Victoria’s Secret lingerie sets.

Senior Neah Lorton, Class of 2017, weighs in on what it means to be a senior at Manhattanville and to be graduating this coming May.

“It’s bittersweet. I’m happy to graduate but I’m also terrified to go out into the world and be a real person and have all of those responsibilities…It makes me feel accomplished. It’s gratifying,” Lorton said.

There’s no doubt that this year’s “100 Nights” was just as successful as all of the other Nights parties and it’s exciting to see what CAB will bring for the final party of the year, so get your togas ready.