Senior Internship Spotlight With Carlos Zapata



Johnson Soledispa

Johnson Soledispa

Carlos Zapata, a senior at Manhattanville College is currently interning for an online marketing agency, Sircle Media, as a Social Media Manager. He found this internship through, which is an online job posting service.

What are some of your responsibilities at this internship?

“I’m primarily in charge of handling their clients’ social media accounts of Facebook, Twi er, Instagram and Pinterest. I usually create content such as tweets, graphics, in-lines and other social contents in order to increase engagement and recognition of the brands. Currently, I am assisting in managing ve di erent brands: Nicepipes Apparel, Biotivia Wellness, Carrington Farms, IMDb Pro and Withoutabox.”

How does this internship compare to past ones?

“I would consider this my first ‘real’ internship. Before I was interning for the Office of Disabilities, and it was not in my career realm. Upon finding this internship opportunity, I decided to pursue it because of my interest in marketing, and fortunately I am able to say that I’m at an internship where I’m able to put theory into practice.”

What is your plan after graduation? Do you see yourself acquiring a job where you are interning?

“I plan to dedicate some time to travel. It has always been a dream of mine to travel throughout Europe.Hopefully be able to come back to work with Sircle Media. I enjoy the work environment, the beautiful office space as well as the openness of all the people working there.”

Zapata’s advice for those who are looking to find internships is to always polish up your resume and update your LinkedIn account, if you have one. He also credits the Career Development for their suggestions.

“You never know who you are shaking hands with. When you land that first internship, you have to make it your own. Your experience at an internship is what you make it so be open to the possibility of getting out of your comfort zone and diving in first to whatever project you’re assigned to.”