Introducing “Associate Provost” Professor Hartmann




Professor Van Hartmann, a professor of the Manhattanville College English Department, is now lending himself as the Interim Associate Provost. His calm demeanor and positive attitude has graced the campus since 1979 when he began teaching at the College. His involvement with academics and activities have always been present, so this appointment comes as no surprise. Having spent 38 years here, Hartmann has had a variety of experiences including: being a professor, a member of numerous commitees, the developer of the College’s first composition program, an advisor to the campus’ literary magazine Graffti, and the Dean of the College during the 1980’s.

“[My experiences] have helped me see the range of issues that face students and affect the curriculum,” Hartmann said.

It is important to recognize Hartmann as a professor in addition to his new administrative position. Professor Hartmann’s courses tackle a variety of interests including: eighteenth and early nineteenth century English and American literature, lm studies, poetry workshops, and also comedy. His students recognize him as their soft-spoken professor with a passion for lm, literature, poetry, travel, and more, but he will soon be introduced to rest of the student body.

“I care deeply about language and ideas, art and social justice, the ability to help minds develop analytical skills and a critical understanding of their culture and others,” Hartmann explained when asked what he would like students to know about him. “I would also have a hard time living without a dog in my life,” he added.

Since his appointment was rather unexpected, Hartmann himself is getting acquainted to his new position. For the time being, he is working with other members of administration but not making major changes as he is in an interim position while the School of Arts and Science is defined. Hartmann will be “overseeing budgets, working with the Registrar on class scheduling, working on assessment of programs and student learning, meeting with department chairs and the First Year Program, hearing appeals on grades, and so forth.”

Hartmann’s passion for the institution has graced Manhattanville for many years. He cares about the College’s past, present, and future, and will continue to show his support. As the new Associate Provost, Hartmann has gained more responsibility and more involvement within the administration. He will continue to do his best to ensure that all voices on campus are heard, especially with the College’s tradition of diversity.

While his new position keeps him more involved with the on-goings of the faculty and staff, Hartmann’s primary interest is still the students. So whether it be in the classroom or in the Castle, Professor Hartmann will be there to support and advise.