Information Diet




Reddit, also known as “the front page of the internet,” is the number one app I use nowadays. If you’re unfamiliar with it, I highly recommend that you go check it out. No crazy push notifications, no more distracting videos, and best of all- no image ads. Zilch. It’s an in nite source of information from literally every corner of the internet. It’s just a ton of people from anywhere and everywhere posting, linking, and generating dialogue about anything and everything!

To make the most of Reddit’s world, you subscribe to communities called “subreddits,” which are basically moderated forums specific to one topic. Do you like mildly interesting things that aren’t too crazy but kind of make your day anyway? Hang out on r/ mildlyinteresting! Need to add some choice memes to your stash, fresh o the press? Lurk on r/dankmemes! Didn’t take any personal nance courses and are in a load of trouble? Find the solution on r/personal nance! A few of my favorites are r/gifs, r/internetisbeautiful, r/adobe, r/todayilearned, r/worldnews, and r/photoshopba les.

The essence of Reddit boils down to the entire internet in one room. It’s important to note that with such colossal power the internet has comes with it great responsibility. You could be spending all your study time clicking down a rabbit hole of things to laugh about. Technically, you could read highly personal stories from complete strangers across the world all day. I know I’ve spent WAY too much time reading theories on r/gameofthrones. Spending time on this kind of website is kind of like riding a bike, so you’ll have to get on that site yourself and see what’s best for you. All the time you spend reading comes down to the information diet you want to have.

What I mean by an “information diet” is something like your actual diet. Food, like information, is consumable. Information is perfectly capable of being just as processed by large corporations as a lot of our food is. That’s how “fake news,” cheap “Top 10s,” and all inane kinds of clickbait are born. More clicks, more page views, more money… all for the price of less quality content. As a result, we’re easily exposed to some pretty empty, bias-riddled, low-credibility sources of information on a global scale.

I’m not here to knock the choice to take twelve Buzzfeed Disney Princess personality quizzes in a
row, or actually download a hundred new memes onto your phone so you can share them with your followers on your other Instagram account. Both of those things sound pre y rad to me. I’m here to say that if you’re looking for a solid place on the internet to get whatever it is that you want more of, be a part of, and grow your understanding of, you can find it on Reddit.

Granted, as human nature goes, you’ve got your bad and good apples on Reddit, but it has amazing nds and great communities who take the time to fact-check, moderate, and consistently improve
user experience. Via Reddit, there are simply thousands of resources at your fingertips, so reap the benefits most appealing to you. The possibilities on the internet are endless, but it all depends on what you make of it.