Featured Artist: Maya Pleninger



















Maya Pleninger, a junior at Manhattanville College, is a Dance and Theater Major and a Business Management Minor. Throughout her dance career, Pleninger has participated and choreographed in multiple performances at Manhattanville College. She is also the captain of Manhattanville Dance Troupe.

This past semester, she recently choreographed and performed in her own piece titled “Gears,” at the Fall 2016 Dance Concert.

Pleninger explained the meaning of her piece was the idea of being an individual, but still being able to work with others, “I think that there is something to be said about how humans can be completely di erent from each other, but somehow can come together as one.”

She titled her piece “Gears” because the machine has many di erent parts and gears that need to work individually, but in order for the actual machine to run all of those parts must be working together as one.

To portray the “gears” through movement, she gave the dancers times to be different from the unison dancing.

“There were times where one dancer would be doing the same choreography
but facing in a different direction, or could be doing completely different choreography from everyone else,” Pleninger said. At the end of their segment, eventually that person would re-join the group. This was also Pleninger’s first piece that she choreographed and performed in.

“I loved dancing in my piece because the movement I created was something that I really enjoyed doing,” Pleninger said.

She explained that there was some difficulty because she couldn’t see the dance or what it looked like. She had to mostly rely on video recordings to view the piece. Overall, she loved the final product and received positive attention. Be sure to stay on the lookout for future dance concerts and Troupe performances throughout the spring semester to see Pleninger perform.