The Inauguration of President Geisler


Manhattanville formally celebrated the inauguration of the College’s thirteenth president, Dr. Michael Geisler, the weekend of Oct. 21-23, 2016. The weekend was filled with a variety of activities featuring faculty and student talent, as well as community discussions. Friday showcased student artwork and research projects with combined efforts of both the students and faculty, and ended with the Creative Arts Showcase.

Saturday morning brought about the much anticipated SCULPT Conference. Established by former President Elizabeth McCormack ’44 in 1968, the conference intended to create a space where students, faculty, staff, trustees, and alumni could gather to discuss the future of the College and the current environment. President Geisler, who has looked back at the College’s history, felt that it was an event worth repeating; the societal climate has changed since then, so it was important to re-establish the program.

The conference theme addressed one question: “What should Manhattanville look like 10 years from now?” To address this, participants created five smaller groups to approach the question, titled: “Bridge Between Ethics and Culture,” “Bridges to Past and Future,” “Bridges within Careers,” “Bridges within the Community,” and “Bridges to World Communities.” The groups tackled their topics, drawing from personal experience and foresight for their expectations of the College, which were later presented to the group as a whole.

Overall, the attendees want to see Manhattanville College succeed. They discussed how to increase the bond between alumni and current students as well as how to ensure successful transitions after graduation.

Other ideas proposed included: inclusivity programs, extended study abroad, visibility for the College, more involved faculty and staff, and a scheduled period for community conversation. In the end, they wanted to focus on the success that the College has had in the past in relation to institutional values, the mission, how they can sustain that success.

After successful conversation on Saturday, the weekend’s celebrations concluded with the Inauguration ceremony. After fruitful discussion during SCULPT, President Geisler made note of what the College community hoped to accomplish. President Geisler also pointed out in his address Sunday morning his goals for the College and outlined the “five destinations,” mentioned earlier, that he wishes for the College to reach.

Between his constant involvement as well as his encouragement of campus discussion, President Geisler has high hopes for the College during his presidency.

He wants to see success for Manhattanville and all of its affiliates, and hopes you do as well.