Spotlight Artist: Pat Badia



Pat Badia is a junior at Manhattanville College majoring in Studio Art and Digital Media, with a minor in Production.

Throughout his career in the arts, he has been awarded Excellence in Advanced Painting in 2013, the Award for Excellence in Visual Arts in 2014, and for Outstanding Dedication & Aptitude within
the Arts in 2014, which were all awarded during his time at Somers High School. Badia is involved with the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and is a pitcher on the Manhattanville men’s baseball team.

Pat’s favorite painting is Oil on Canvas, entitled “Self-Portrait.”

“I prefer to paint my subject ma er from life, and I feel the best way to improve my skill in portraiture is to use life models. The fact that I used myself as a life model and played with the drastic light to dark technique used by Rembrandt, I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and gain an appreciation for the masters and what they did in their processes,” said Badia.

“‘Self-Portrait’ is my favorite piece out of my body of work because it simply satisfies me,” said Badia. “The color gives the portrait form and movement, which is always my goal when painting. I enjoy the color I have created on the face and skin with its hues to make the image breathe and come alive.”