Humans Of Manhattanville


Julia Bordowitz

What do you like about that book?

“I don’t know I just started it; I’m only on page 17. But it looked good from the reviews on Good Reads and so it was on my TBR list—to be read… This girl who’s lonely becomes friends with the first black kid in school. It’s the 1960s. I kind of like it.”

Do you relate to that at all?

“I felt lonely when I was a lot younger… I spent a lot of my time reading. I found solace in books… but now I have more friends. I have to make time for books… Here, would you like my last two strawberries? Take them.”

Erika Rosell

Does the background noise and music help you focus?

“Definitely, I’ll put on YouTube stuff or listen to stories and zone out; it’s a lot of fun. I’ve been doing this for a long time, since I got the tablet I’ve been teaching myself how to draw digitally. It’s been eight years… I’ll use what I learn traditionally and change up the brushes. See, I’ll add texture here… and dusting over here…My favorite thing to draw is a mix of people and memes or other combined imagery.”

“They have this on mobile now. I’m planning for Christmas to buy it for myself… maybe invest in an iPad. So if I got a job in the city I can draw during my commute.”

Is that where you want to end up, in the city?

“Yes! Never a dull day.”