Five Tips to Survive Finals Week


As we approach the end of the semester there are many wonderful events to look forward to, such as the holidays. I enjoy the family bonding at Christmas and Thanksgiving. I have always enjoyed stuffing the turkey and my face with homemade food.

Being Thai, of course, means that my Thanksgiving dinner consists of dishes that differ from American traditions. I would imagine that many families across the country, including yours, celebrate their own variations of Thanksgiving based on their respective heritages.

But as college students, we have projects and finals waiting for us next to the holidays. Here are five tips for surviving finals week in hopes that you can ace your tests and enjoy the holidays with your family, worry free.

1. Verify the time, place and date for each final!

Doing a little bit of homework to find out where each final will be can save you from headaches. You do not want to be that girl or guy who scrambles to find where the testing room is only to miss it and fail the course.

2. Avoid all-nighters!

While most college students pull all-nighters, you should try not to. We all need an adequate number of hours to sleep in order to function throughout the day.

You don’t want to destroy a whole semester of work by waiting until the night before a final to study. Spread the study sessions out over several days or weeks. Staying up to study the night before a
test usually does not help you to memorize the material, so get your snooze on and study beforehand.

3. Hit the gym!

Exercise helps clear your mind by increasing blood ow to the brain and body. Try to exercise regularly so that you can be your best self. If you can make this a habit you will see the difference in cognitive functions as well as feeling better overall.

4. Snack on fruits!

Simply eat well in general. During finals week, students tend to eat whatever is readily available. When we consume too much junk food it can leave us feeling exhausted. Try to eat a balanced diet so that your body is in great shape. The last thing we want is to get sick during finals week.

5. Cut down time spent on your social networks!

We need all the focus we can get around finals week, and social networking will do just the opposite by making you wander into the realm of procrastination. Social networks can also cause worries and stress due to news that is not up-lifting. It can leave you in a down mood and we don’t want to be more miserable from already having to take finals.