A Speed Walk to Graduation


With Thanksgiving and Christmas creeping upon us, most students are thinking about having a relaxing break, while others are thinking about entering the real world. A few seniors have decided to leave Brownson Hall earlier than their classmates, graduating after this fall semester.

Though not spoken about quite often, graduating a semester early is an attractive option for some students. The response that most receive after telling their classmates that they’re leaving early is- “You’re not walking with everyone?” Not all students are necessarily worried about walking in May. For some, graduating early is a much more exciting thought.

Some students just fell into the option of graduating early, while others planned their schedules in prior semesters to nish ahead of time.

“It wasn’t an active decision, it just fell into place. I took measures all throughout college to always
be prudent, planning more so for the potential of a registration crisis. It was a fear of graduating late rather than a desire to necessarily be done early that motivated me to be really on top of planning
my registrations out,” said senior Vanessa Carter.

Senior Malvin Rosario was one of the planners in the fast track process.

“I decided to do it after my freshman year. I did it because the tuition was too much for me to remain on campus,” said Rosario.

Unlike just falling into the category for possible early graduation, he was prepared with the help of Professor Heissan.

“Without her, I would’ve never made it through college with the degree I’m about to achieve coming this winter,” said Rosario.

Although graduating early means that certain seniors won’t be present during the spring term,
it doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t be walking with their class. The decision to participate in senior week and graduating does not have to be made just quite yet.

Carter paused at the thought of it. “I would walk, but I’ve made no official plans to walk just yet.”

With the stress of finals coming up, the last thing some graduating seniors are thinking about is walking at graduation. Though it is not with all their classmates, graduating early is an amazing accomplishment for those who were able to complete their credits in time.

With that being said, good luck to all those seniors finishing this December!