200 Nights or $200?


At Manhattanville College, “200 Nights” is one of the most coveted night of the year for students, marking 200 nights until we bid the seniors adieu. This costume party held in the East Room is one of the most attended events on campus.

Even though “200 Nights” can be a great time, the damage fees the next day tend to skyrocket. With vandalism such as broken exit signs, smashed windows, pulled fire alarms, and damages throughout the entire campus, residence halls are forced to come together to fix the shocking aftermath.

Spellman Hall is one of the most damaged buildings on “200 Nights” due to the influx of students passing through, knocking down exit signs and causing mischief throughout the building.

Currently, the price for broken ceiling tiles are $25 per tile, $300 for an exit sign, $100 for a broken chair, and excessive clean up is a whopping $500. These fees are distributed individually, splitting the cost between 350+ residents. Although it may not seem much when it is split up, the expenses add up.

Touchstone met with Resident Director of Spellman Hall, Javon Joslyn, to talk about the damages after “200 Nights” throughout the years.

In 2014, Spellman Hall received the most fees for a “200 Nights” event, weighing in at $1,000 for the entire building whereas the class of 2015 had little to no damage fees for their “200 Nights.” This year, Spellman Hall was charged a total of $150 for the night in vandalism and damages.

Although “200 Nights” is a big night for fun, it is also notorious for students to get written up. Since Spellman Hall is a dry hall, any form of alcohol found in the building is a serious offense, which results in a write up from RA’s. This year, over ten students in Spellman Hall were written up for noise complaints and underage possession of alcohol in a dry hall.

“200 Nights” is always known for being one of the best and most popular ‘Night’ parties that the school holds and we can’t wait to see how it unfolds for next year.