Who’s that Valiant? Spotlight Artist: Brandon Florich


Do you remember the people you may have met in college whom you thought were so cool in everything they do? Those people seem to be interesting and always draw us towards them. We all want to become them, the people who grab everyone’s attention.

We all want to be someone others can look up to, but do you ever really know what it is truly like to be that person?

Meet Brandon Florich- musician, multi-instrumentalist, performing artist, and a barista. To say that he is “cool” is an understatement.



Florich, who is currently majoring in Music Education in the 5-year program here at Manhattanville College, plays a plethora of instruments, including guitar, drums, double bass, piano, trombone, tuba, and trumpet. “I just love music. It was just something I had to do, to be surrounded by music as much as possible,” said Florich.

Music is one of the more popular programs here at Manhattanville College. There are many activities involving music that are being organized by both students and the school. Florich is one of those students who both run and perform in these events.

If you were to asked what others think of Florich, they will most likely say that he is friendly, genuine, talented and well known across campus.

However, Florich thinks otherwise; he does not see himself as a popular person, just someone who sees the importance of social networking.

“When we are in an environment like this, where there are so many people to meet, we should take advantage by getting to know them. By making friends, we open up so many possibilities for collaborations, especially in music,” said Florich.

“The faculty in the music department are so talented and have helped me with personal growth in so many ways,”
said Florich.

Some of Florich’s professors are Olivier Fluchaire, Charles Blenzig and Bruce Eidem. He acknowledged that there are many others in the music and education departments who have helped him. Most importantly, Manhattanville has given him the opportunity to study under so many exceptional instructors, and he is grateful for that.

Florich believes that Manhattanville has prepared him for life after college. He also believes that his eagerness to always learn stems from the community that the students have here at the college.

Florich’s advice for incoming freshmen is to go out and get to know as many people as they can.

“Go out into the community with the mentality, ‘I am here to learn.’”

He advised to just do it, and follow through with that purpose.

Florich closed with, “The four years of school will go by fast, so make every second count. One misconception is coming here expecting everything to be handed to us when it is the other way around. If you want to be well-liked, make the effort to show people that you want to be friends with them. It is that simple.”