The Commuter Struggle Just Got Real


With the new president in tow this fall, there are new changes around campus. Whether the rules are entirely new, or are just now being enforced, this year’s start of the semester is much stricter than past years.

As the flow of Communication emails flooded student inboxes at the start of the semester, the Student Guest Policy has been the most reiterated topic.

The new Student Guest Policy, according to Manhattanville’s Communication emails is:

“A guest shall be defined as any person (whether a Manhattanville commuter or a non-Manhattanville student) who is present at the invitation of a student or is greeted by a student or, is accompanied by a student. Between the hours of 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., a residential student must register any guest who plans to be on campus after 8 p.m. with the RA on duty. After 11 p.m., unregistered guests will not be permitted to remain on campus. Students must understand and abide by the Guest Policy established in the Student Handbook and accepts full responsibility for the actions of his/her guest.”



Although Manhattanville has always had a guest policy, they have gotten stricter this year. Campus Safety has been more vigilant with swiping student IDS past 11 p.m., reminding students to get their decals and ensuring that current students have a sticker on their ID that Residence Life gave to their residents upon moving onto campus.

According to Tenney RA, Genesis Aquino, the “Current Student 2016-2017” sticker placed on the front of ID cards is to assure that the students showing their ID are actually current students, rather than past Valiants just coming to visit for the weekend.

Commuter students get the poor end of the deal due to this new enforcement of rules. According to the Student Guest Policy, commuter students are not able to get on campus or into the dorms past 11 p.m. Though these technically are the new rules, they are not always enforced.

After a night out in White Plains, an unregistered commuter student tried to get on campus past 11 p.m. without being signed in as a guest. From the back end, Campus Safety is able to tell who is registered as a commuter and who is registered as a resident when they swipe your ID. And although this student is a commuter, and unregistered to stay the evening, he was still allowed on campus.

However, often this is not always the case. It may have been because it was the first weekend of the semester, or because it was not September 13th yet, when the College said they were going to get strict.

The most destructive downfall for commuter students is the fact that they cannot use their card swipe past 8 p.m.

In an email commuter student Vanessa Reis received from Andrew Fulton, she was informed that, “Commuter ID swipes will only work for the Residence Halls door from 6am – 8pm. After 8pm, your card swipes will no longer work on the residence hall doors and you will need to be registered as a guest to be in the residence halls.”

In a school with a very large commuter base, it is seen as unjust to the students who come onto campus to use the library late at night, or who don’t necessarily want to sleep at school but rather just want to hang out with friends in the dorms.

This new rule forms a divide between residential and commuter students. Social life between the two types of students is otherwise restricted, which should be the last thing the Manhattanville community wants.

Again the question is, are these just rules being thrown at us, or are they going to be taken seriously this year? Do we really need the parking decals to avoid towing, or are these just empty threats the college is throwing at us?

Time will tell whether these rules are here to stay.