Spotlight Artist: Lucas Ruderman


The man behind the camera is no one other than Manhattanville College senior Lucas Ruderman, a self-design Film Directing major with a Marketing minor.

Ruderman’s creativity and passion for film doesn’t just stop in the classroom. Recently, Ruderman wrote, directed, and produced his very own film, Doug. The Touchstone was able to have a Q&A session with Lucas to discuss the film a bit deeper.



Can you talk a little about your inspiration for your movie?

“I was inspired by the latest style of Wes Anderson’s filmmaking and storytelling. Bright and warm colors, symmetrical framing, smooth vertical and horizontal movement, etc.. Aside from the cinematic style, I also wanted to emulate his use of hyperbolically quirky characters. I came up with a character that has a broken neck, giving him no choice but to always look down. This character, Doug (Played by Manhattanville’s own Nicholas Barbera), is on the search for happiness. However, his “downward” perspective on life holds him back. When faced with adversity, Doug finds that the little things become much bigger. With this film, I wanted to tell the story of someone who needed to be content with himself, in order to find his true happiness.”

Why is this film your favorite?

“This has been my favorite film to both work on and screen because while each of my characters are a part of me, Doug definitely holds dear to my heart. When it comes to the film itself, people have reacted and told me that they were able to connect to the story and the character emotionally. I’ve never received this kind of reaction from an audience.”

When and where will the student body be able to view the film?

“The film will be viewable to the public on my YouTube, and hopefully Vimeo pages, within the upcoming months. The trailer is currently up on both platforms, as well as the “Manhattanville Video Project” YouTube page. Otherwise, it is currently being screened in festivals around New York and New Jersey.”

In addition to Ruderman’s course load, directing his own films, and interning with Manhattanville College’s Office of Communications as a Video Production Intern, Ruderman was given the opportunity to work on the set of Hollywood Productions and Marshall, a film directed by Reginald Hudlin.

So far, throughout his successful film career, Ruderman has won many awards. Ruderman holds the Award of Recognition in the Best Shorts Competition, the Best Original Idea, a nomination for Best Student Film and Best Humor from the Top Indie Film Awards, along with the title of Best Short Film from the Nyack Film Festival. Ruderman has also been officially awarded by the Nyack Film Festival, SOL Film Festival, Hudson Valley Film Festival, Top Indie Film Awards, Best Shorts Competition, Yonkers Film Festival, Princeton Independent Film Festival, Indiewise Virtual Festival, and the Golden Door International Film Festival… just to name a few.