New Year, New Turf


The field at Manhattanville College underwent its first renovation since its installation back in 2005. The field was installed over the summer and was ready for use prior to the fall pre-season. Along with the classic Valiant logo in the center of the field, a bold crimson stripe also wraps itself around the new field. A black fence now encloses the field perimeter, as well as the brand new set of bleachers that can accommodate 500 fans. The upgrade was a necessity to the school’s athletic department.

The old turf did not receive any praise in the sports world here at Manhattanville. It was 11 years old and beat up.

When asked about the old turf Zach Hoffman, a senior lacrosse player said, “It was like a slab of concrete; it was impossible to read where the ball was going to bounce.”

As the Valliants goalie, Hoffman is ecstatic to play on the new field. Other student-athletes such as Rob Hammerle, a senior on the soccer team and Rob Schartner, a junior lacrosse player said the upgrade was “long overdue.”


The addition of the new field also helps the Athletic Department in recruiting.

Keith Levinthal, the Athletic Director of Manhattanville is excited to showcase the new facility to potential recruits. “I want to be proud of our facility here at Manhattanville,” said Levinthal. “I am very proud of it [facility], this will be a key to our recruiting process.”

Levinthal also discussed the importance of providing their student athletes with a “college game day experience.”

One of his hopes with the new field is to create a more completive game environment for the athletes.

Both the men and women’s soccer teams have played games on the turf this fall season. Levinthal was thrilled with the new environment that was created at these games.

The players were also enthusiastic about playing on the new field.

Soccer captain Christoffer Staahl had nothing but good things to say, “The atmosphere was a million times better, it was a home field to be proud of.” This is the mentality that Levinthal wants his athletes to have about their home field. As the seasons progress, more athletes will be granted the privilege to play for the Valiants on this new field.

Melissa Stys, a junior field hockey player is looking forward to her first home game on the new field on October 1st at 1:00 p.m.

“The new field has really been extremely beneficial to our play. Overall, I’m impressed and look forward to playing on it. It’s a great way to showcase athletics at Manhattanville,” said Stys.

There will be a dedication ceremony in between the men’s and women’s soccer games on September 17th. The men’s team will play Drew University at 12:00 p.m. while the women’s team will play SUNY New Paltz at 3:00 p.m. The Athletic Department will be giving away free ice cream for the first 200 fans that arrive at the games. The Valiants look forward to starting new winning traditions with this newest addition to their facility.