Battle of The Bands


On September 13, Manhattanville’s very own Battle of the Bands brought together the talent of the community where both soloists and group bands performed and competed. The first place winner is to perform at Manhattanville’s Fall Fest’Ville the weekend of September 24.

At 7 p.m., people poured into the quaint pub of Bezinger Hall as the judges took their seats. The lights dimmed and the first soloist, Erick Balard, took stage. He started things off with a song he played beautifully on the piano. Another great performance was by an all-female acapella group called, Manhattanville Sound. They chose to sing, Girl Put Your Record On by Corinne Bailey Rae, with a solo sung by Lea Romano.

One of the members of Manhattanville Sound, Neah Judith has always been interested in singing and recalls the very first time she realized that she wanted to sing.

“I did band when I was in elementary, then I did choir for 6 years. Things took off in 7th grade, but I didn’t really do independent music until my dad got me my first guitar when I was 13,” Judith said.

When asked if she ever wanted to be a singer, Judith commented, “Yes, that was the first thing I wanted to be, a singer. Then I wanted to be a chef, and I lost all direction after that.”

She does see her self continuing with her music career but knows that singing might not be her main focus, as long as it’s still a part of her life.

Singing, as well all know, takes a lot of courage. You have to be brave enough to preform in front of crowds no matter the size. This, however, does not mean you have to be comfortable with preforming in front of a crowd.

Judith continued to say, “Even if I know all of the words, which is rare, I still get nervous even if it’s in front of people I know or my parents and I always think, why am I doing this? I’m just torturing myself.”

The performance was excellent, as were the other contestants. But only time will tell who will win the ultimate title of victory. Be sure to attend Manhattanville’s Fall Festival September 24, to see the performance!