The Manhattanville College Community Ran Colorfully for #OneLove


Manhattanville’s third annual color run has been transformed into a community wide tradition, one that raises awareness toward important initiatives that demand action.

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On April 24, 2016, the Manhattanville College community joined together and took a stand against domestic violence with colorful shadows leaving their mark. The third-annual Mville Color Run advocated for One Love, an organization that works with young people across the country to raise awareness about the warning signs of abuse and activate communities to work to change the statistics around relationship violence, according to its description. Seniors Caroline Serrano and Deborah Rivera feel fortunate to have created the ongoing tradition of the color run three years ago, and as members of the graduating class, they are looking forward to passing it down in order to allow the tradition to continue on for many years to come. “It has been such an honor and a privilege to work along side my co-director and, more importantly, my best friend Caroline, to put on this successful event for three straight years,” Rivera states.

The Mville Color Run has made its mark on campus. Beginning as simply a Residence Life program, the color run has transformed into a community wide event. “Our first year we gave back the Manhattanville departments and raised nearly $1,000. Last year, we worked with [the organization] Give More Hugs and helped raised over $1,500. This year, we were so thrilled to work with the One Love Foundation and raised over $3,000 for such an empowering organization,” explained committee members.

Committee members and its collaborators made the success of the 2016 Mville Color Run possible. This year’s committee consisted of Caroline Serrano, Deborah Rivera, Christie Freer, Sarah Joy Consiglio, Ashley Noda, Kimberly Garrick, and Reneariel Vasquez, all of whom collaborated with OSA, MVL, MIMO, SGA, RHA, and Manhattanville Athletics.

This year, the Mville Color Run committee found it highly important to honor the One Love Foundation. “One in three women and one in four men are victims of relationship violence and Sharon, the founder of One Love, hopes that through their work we can come together to change those statistics dramatically,” members proclaim, “These reasons are exactly why it is vital that Mville partnered with One Love to spread this awareness.”

The goal of the color run is to encourage student involvement on campus, and the One Love Foundation truly brought together a unified dynamic of students when it came to participating in the foundations newest initiative, the #THATSNOTLOVE campaign. #THATSNOTLOVE is a social media driven campaign which helps define the grey area between love and control, highlighting signs of relationship abuse. The movement hopes to mobilize the current generation to change the social climate that tolerates abuse, and the first step began with Manhattanville’s event #RUN4ONELOVE.

Although the color run event is over and will not return until next year, becoming aware and educated about what is and what isn’t love must continue across campus. Students can continue to be involved with One Love by joining the movement in various different ways. “The first step in staying involved is to virtually join the movement online and become connected to One Love’s website and email list with constant updates about how to stay active on your campus,” Christie Freer, intern with the One Love Foundation and Manhattanville College senior, states, “Students can get involved by creating their own One Love clubs on their campuses and orchestrating events around this topic. They also can visit the website to see their current social media campaigns which highlight the signs of relationship abuse.” 

Freer goes onto add, “Never forget your worth. We all have something beautiful to offer this world so never lose that sparkle and remember we all deserve a comfortable, happy and healthy relationship.”

The 2016 Manhattanville Color Run began with a goal to create an even bigger event than years past and to bring the community together for a great cause. “We are so excited to have met these expectations,” members exclaim.

For more information about the One Love Foundation, visit