Quad Jam Insider: Ace Hood

Quad Jam Insider: Ace Hood



Photo Courtesy of Victoria Oluwole

Ah Quad Jam, the most anticipated day of the year, a day of sun, fun, parties, food trucks, music, blow up items, and of course, live music. But it wasn’t easy getting this day to be as perfect as it was; after Quad Jam 2014, Manhattanville’s College Activities Board (CAB) and Office of Campus Activities (OCA) were very cautious about letting a big name back on campus. In 2014, a beer bottle was thrown at the headliner, Big Krit, which caused uproar due to the disrespect within our own student body. But due to the hard work of the CAB club, Manhattanville was able to get rapper Ace Hood as our headliner.

Many students were upset about the headliner being Ace Hood, stating that we have too many rap artists perform. In a survey conducted by the Touchstone, about 100 students participated. In November, CAB sent out a survey asking students what kind of quad jam they wanted. Out of the 100 participants of the Touchstone survey, only 41% of students took the CAB survey, while 40% of students didn’t even know there was a survey sent out.  CAB had stated that only 447* out of 1600 students had participated in their survey and 83.7% of the voters had wanted a rap headliner. In our survey, 19% of students had stated that they did not even participate in the survey although they received the email. So many students complained about the headliner being a rapper but only 300 students voted. If the students wanted another genre headliner, they should have took the time to vote.

Out of the 100 students that were asked, 31% of the students were satisfied with the artists performing. 20% of the others did not know and were impartial to the artists performing, leaving 22% of students unhappy with the performances. We asked students how they felt about the headliner being Ace Hood, 26% stated that they were excited, but most students were indifferent. At the actual event, headliner Ace Hood had the biggest turn out over all of the other performances. Students were thrilled to have someone perform and the students enjoyed to have the live music.

Personally, I went to the performance and saw what a great turn out it was first hand. Ace Hood only performed about 3 songs and finished with his hit: Bugatti. The students went wild when he snap chatted the crowd and put the Manhattanville student body on his Snapchat story. I thought his DJing was a little redundant as he covered popular music instead of Ace Hood’s actual songs. l knew coming to the concert that the crowd would be large because it was the first big concert that we have had since Pitbull came to Quad Jam in 2009. Ace Hood did a good job of getting the crowd in good spirit, and Campus Safety kept bottles and cans out so that the Big Krit incident was not repeated. Overall, Quad Jam 2016 was a success thanks to CAB and OCA. I can’t wait to see what next years Quad Jam has in store!


*Touchstone would like to apologize for publishing the incorrect statistics in the print edition as follows: 447 people voted, not 300. And the following stats were not supposed to be printed:

447 people took the survey sent out by CAB suggesting their favorite music genres. 83.7% chose Hip-Hop/Rap as their choice for music while Country, Top 40, Pop, Rock, Indie and Latin received a range from below 1% to 2.5% of their choices.