Golden State Warriors On Pace For Historic Run


During the 1995-1996 season, the Chicago Bulls accomplished something that no team had ever never done before: The Bulls finished the season with an unprecedented 72-10 record, beating the previous record by winning over 70 games in a single season.

They are arguably the best team in NBA history, with potentially the greatest player to ever play the game, Michael Jordan. Now, the Golden State Warriors, led by Stephen Curry, are on pace to break the team’s established record.

Through 59 games, they currently stand at 54-5, compared with the Bulls who were 53-6 through 59 games. The Warriors show no sign of slowing up, as they have won all 25 games at home and are on a 43 game winning streak, dating back to last season.

The Bulls are unbeatable at Oracle Arena, making Golden State head coach Steve Kerr, who has constantly stressed the importance of winning at home, very happy. Kerr knows what it takes to set precedents, being a former player on the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls team and set the NBA record for most wins in a single season.

Coach Steve Kerr has won 6 NBA championships, winning three as a player with the Chicago Bulls, two with the San Antonio Spurs, and one last year as the coach of the Golden State Warriors. If anyone knows what it takes to be historical, it is Steve Kerr. The Warriors will have to finish the season with a 19-4 to break that record.

Having 16 of the remaining 24 games to play at the Oracle Arena, the record is looking more and more manageable as the season goes continues. It won’t be easy, despite them being the reigning NBA champions and a lock for Stephen Curry to win his second straight MVP award. The Warriors must bring their A-game from here on out, if they want their names written in the books. As every single team wants the accomplishment of beating the Warriors during their historic run, they can’t afford to have any mishaps if they want to break the record. The Warriors will be facing arguably their toughest schedule yet, having to battle the second place San Antonio Spurs three more times before the end of the season. The Spurs currently have an excellent record at 50-9. Another match up with their Western Conference foes Oklahoma City Thunder and will have two games left against the Portland Trail Blazers, the team that dealt the Warriors one of their five losses this season. Only time will tell, if the Golden State Warriors will be considered the best team ever.