Castle Conversations Presents Big Names on Campus

Castle Conversations Presents Big Names on Campus



“Be Engaged, Challenged, and Intrigued at the Castle”

Castle Conversations kicked off its first event of the semester with author and New York Times columnist, David Brooks on February 16th. The Castle Conversations events are held in the O’Byrne Chapel and offer evenings of diverse viewpoints, thought-provoking insights, and fascinating analysis during this exclusive subscription-based speaker series, according to its description.

Castle Conversations’ first speaker, David Brooks, is a bi-weekly Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times as well as a regular analyst on PBS NewsHour and NPR’s All Things Considered. Brooks appeared center stage with lights shining on him at the very front of O’Byrne Chapel, as he met the applause that echoed through the room.

Brooks spoke of his new book, The Road to Character and offered many words of insight to attendees. “The nice thing about moral improvement is that you’re never done,” Brooks said to the audience. His new book discusses just that—it “explains why selflessness leads to greater success.” Brooks brings audiences face to face with the spirit of our times with humor, insight, and quiet passion.

Brooks set aside his political cap and discussed matters of our current day society and offered insight as to how we, as a community, can practice moral self-worth. The evening of February 16th left the audience with a different perspective of viewing and enjoying every day life.

Faculty, Alumni, Students, and Professors were intrigued by what Brooks had to say during his lecture. By the end of the event, the question and answer session was booming with curiosity and individuals seeking to build enriched and inspired lives.

Questions from the audience included, “If you were to teach a course, what would be assigned on the syllabus?” and “Why do you think (so and so) would like to run for president?” Brooks answered all questions with an open mind, and an even bigger heart.

Host Elliot Forrest is the Afternoon Drive host on WQXR and is an engaging icon in the world of broadcast. Forrest joined Brooks center stage to share laughs with him, as well as the surrounding audience.

Having prominent figures join Manhattanville College adds to the exceptional experience of current and past Valiants, as well as the College’s surrounding community. Past speakers of the profound series were Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dan Rather, Arianna Huffington, and Doris Kearns Goodwin.

The Castle Conversations series does not stop at David Brooks. On April 5, 2016, Manhattanville will welcome Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and Chief Scientist at Primary Data. The series will then continue on with Twyla Tharp, celebrated choreographer, director, and writer on September 20, 2016. Following Ms. Tharp is Danny Meyer, award-winning restaurateur, on November 29, 2016.