Erika Rosell, the Cafeteria-Chalk Mural Girl

Erika Rosell, the Cafeteria-Chalk Mural Girl


20151023_184912 (1) Whether it is through music, journalism, dance, acting, or graphic design, many students at Manhattanville College are known throughout the campus for their artistic talent. Some students go beyond traditional means of publication, jumping directly for ways to get their art in front of as many faces and enjoyed by as many Manhattanville College students as possible.

Erika Rosell, Marketing and Studio Art major with a concentration in Graphic Design, and current junior at Manhattanville College, uses her passion for graphic design to create fliers to advertise for student government meetings. It is noteworthy to mention that Rosell is also the Marketing Coordinator for student government.

Aside from her work at Manhattanville College, Rosell’s graphics are also featured on her job’s produce bags at DeCicco & Sons. She serves as the in-house Illustrator and an event-planning intern at the produce marketplace.

Rosell’s artistic talent definitely has not gone unnoticed, as she is the artist responsible for the murals located on the chalkboard of the conveyer-belt room of the Manhattanville College cafeteria. Her career as a successful cafeteria-artist began when she won a pumpkin-painting contest, during which she painted the face of Boris Karloff onto a pumpkin, and won $50 in “pub cash”.

James Varisco, Chartwells Manager at Manhattanville College, noticed Rosell’s skill and invited her to create murals out of chalk on the famous chalkboard. Her first project was an opportunity to display an advertisement for the Fall Farmers Market in late 2015.

Some of Rosell’s later drawings included a Halloween-themed monster piece, followed by murals of the recently deceased and eternally beloved David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Erika’s next piece is planned to be Super Bowl-themed, though she plans to incorporate other additions, understanding that “not everyone on campus likes sports”.

While Rosell constructs these drawings for fun, and a bit of pub cash on the side, she is always happy to hear that people enjoy her work.

“I’m so grateful and happy to know that people get to see something new,” said Rosell. “It makes me happy to see that I offer a personal touch when they come to the cafe.”

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She has also noted that her enthusiasm for these murals comes from her desire to exhibit her talent without showing-off, saying that she is “not an extrovert”.

As her art works typically takes two hours to produce, Rosell mentioned she is proud of her pieces, She said that it is never saddening to see her work removed to make room for something else.

“It’s chalk- it’s not made to last,” said Rosell. “I take a photo to save them, then whatever happens, happens.”

Erika Rosell’s work is definitely impressive to say the least. Her pure love for the designs as well as her abstinence from the fame certainly makes her pieces more intriguing and fun. Having that personal touch added to the interior of a high-traffic area is a welcome and delightful feature of Manhattanville College.

Some of Rosell’s other notable works include detailed drawings of Frankenstein’s Monster, David Bowie, and Alan Rickman.