A Bittersweet Farewell To President Jon Strauss

A Bittersweet Farewell To President Jon Strauss


Photo by Sirin Samman

Photo by Sirin Samman

As Manhattanville says goodbye to President Strauss after five years, we have nothing but thanks for all he has done for our Valiant community.

President Jon Strauss came to Manhattanville with an open mind and big plans. Initially an interim president to the College, President Strauss brought to the table ideas of retention, physical alteration, academic improvement, and dramatic change during his time as a Valiant.

“I believe we’ve done the right things,” said President Strauss.

Manhattanville was not the first stop for President Strauss, but it is definitely the last. After five previous retirements, President Strauss fully intends on bidding farewell to his career and spending more time with his family in their new Massachusetts home.

“We’ve had a good time here [at Manhattanville],” said President Strauss. “We’ve been very pleased and are especially going to miss the Presidents Cottage.”

Prior to serving as Manhattanville’s 12th president, President Strauss served as president at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts and also Harvey-Mudd College in northern California. He also has taught at prestigious universities across the country, such as University of Pennsylvania, Bainbridge Graduate Institute, and Texas Tech.

The physical appearance of Manhattanville College has changed dramatically due to the perseverance of President Strauss and the eye of First Lady Jean Strauss.

“During the summer we did all of the new windows and certainly enhanced the walkways. We were able to pave half of campus as well with plans to finish the last half this coming summer,” said President Strauss. “The project with the library was really special. The learning commons are now on the first floor and many improvements have been made to the second floor. The entrance is also very prominent- we’ve accomplished lots of good stuff.”

This will definitely not be the last time we see President Jon Strauss and First Lady Jean Strauss on campus.

“I suspect we will be back now and again,” said President Strauss. “Certainly we have a few Castle Conversations speakers in the fall and so we will come back for that. My wife is an alumna of the College as well- she received her MFA in Creative Writing in 2014, so we will be back for reunions, as well.”

After saying goodbye to President Strauss on June 30, 2016, Manhattanville College will welcome Dr. Michael Geisler as our 13th President on July 1, 2016.