New Club “Her Campus” Gaining Popularity

Her Campus Mville


There is a new club on Manhattanville’s campus that is uniting students to work as a team. The new sensation is called Her Campus, an online publication that has developed a following at this college, and many others. Although its growth was delayed at first, Her Campus has recently been approved as an official club.

While Her Campus is the newest publication at Manhattanville, Her Campus also has a team. The set-up of the club and the things one can do within the club are all there to inspire unity. Meetings are held with everyone gathering in a circle and exchanging ideas with one another. This is done to make sure everyone is being seen and heard.

“You would essentially have to build a team as if you were in a workplace,” said Shanice Peters, the campus correspondent of Her Campus at Manhattanville.

Although the site is targeted towards college women, men are also encouraged to join. Past team efforts demonstrated throughout Her Campus history have been collaborations between clubs, and even ones between the Her Campuses at other schools.

As a member of the club, one can write about anything relating to their campus. Writing specifically about Manhattanville is encouraged to build up a sense of community, but writing about things outside of it, such as a personal post about an experience, or a list about one’s favorite things to do during the winter season, is also an option.

Even if writing is not your thing, photographers are welcomed as well, with the website providing the “my campus snapshot” section.

Peters brought the club to Manhattanville, and, although it has a following of about 20 active members, some complications halted its progress at first. After only being up for a little while last semester, the site was put on hold when the Office of Student Activities had some concerns. One of the main issues was that Her Campus might create competition with Touchstone, the student- run newspaper of Manhattanville. This problem has since been solved.

“Whether it’s writing for Touchstone or Her Campus, I encourage everyone to join an on-campus organization that allows them to write and feel comfortable doing so,” said the Assistant Editor of Touchstone, Franco Fino. “One of our goals at Touchstone is to get students interested in writing and I anticipate individuals at Her Campus feel the same way.”

“That’s how I feel too,” said Peters. “I encourage people to give a hand in any way that they can.”