Neil DeGrasse Tyson Brings Science To Manhattanville


On Wednesday September 9th, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, one of the most famous Astro-physicists in the world, arrived at Manhattanville to deliver a lecture to those who were lucky enough to grab a ticket before the event became sold out.

As the line to enter the chapel stretched through the hallway, golf carts transported visitors from the parking lot to the chapel zipping through campus. The pews were filled with many eager individuals who talked amongst themselves as they waited for Tyson.

“[As many as] 696 people attended the event. It was our largest crowd for all of the Castle Conversations events,” said Develop Officer Katharine Donnarummo, who helped plan the event.

Tyson stood before the crowd in a sea of applause with a large smile across his face, as he seemed to be happy to see the room filled with faces of anticipation. He started off the lecture talking about what most of the audience was familiar with, his show Cosmos that aired in March of 2014 on the Fox Network. He explained the relationship that Fox had with the world of science and emphasized that although it may seem unusual that his show was on a network like Fox, it wasn’t completely farfetched, and in fact, it made sense that his show was on the Fox Network.

After he made it clear that it was not completely out of place for his show to be televised on the Fox network, he started bestowing the audience with facts about different facets of our universe. Tyson gave the audience a brief history behind the planet Pluto and explained the reasoning behind Pluto no longer being considered a planet.

Tyson also revealed that the different occurrences of the moon are not entirely rare, as everything in the universe is connected to each other in one way or another.

“Did you know that a human and a banana share 50 percent of the same DNA,” said Tyson.

Tyson leaped from different topics both within the science world to outside the science world, so you can say this was not your average lecture.

“It took me a really long time to realize that he was just going on about all this different science stuff rather than having a clear path that he was going on” said one member of the audience, Arori Buckner.

Tyson discussed topics that the average person would not think of on a day-to-day basis such as the first space exploration, how everything we eat is genetically altered, and the importance of studying the cosmos.

When the Castle Conversations host introduced Neil DeGrasse Tyson, he mentioned that Neil had the talent of articulating some of science’s most complex concepts in simple terms so that even a toddler could understand. Neil proved that to be true when he made some of sciences most complex concepts seem rudimentary.

“He compared black matter to a chess game,” said another audience member Victoria Oluwole.

Not only did he put some of sciences most complicated theories in simple terms, he also made everyone in the crowd laugh like he was a comedian. It was unalike any lecture from other renowned scientist.

“He did everything in a more than fairly comedic way,” said student Arori Buckner.

One could argue that even though he was very entertaining, there was so much respect fro his passion for each subject he talked about and the abundance of knowledge he presented to the audience.

Tyson’s lecture, which could be compared to a live episode of the Cosmos, emoted laughter and forced attendees to think. One could say those are the perfect ingredients for a successful academic lecture. Minds at the end of the event were left practicing his slogan as they questioned the possibilities.