Straight Outta Hartford

Andre in the Studio

Get to know Manhattanville’s buzzing new Hip-Hop artist Andre Blue

By: Gianni Mogrovejo

*The Hip-Hop Hermits are a duo made up of Gianni the Kid and Matt BLAK. The following is just a snippet of an in-depth on camera interview we did, check out the full conversation by watching it on the WMVL Radio YouTube channel!*

Gianni the Kid: Going back to your first project… on the intro, you gave a thank you to Matt Relevo for chasing your dreams more and not giving up, is there a moment when you almost gave up?

Andre Blue: Aw man there are plenty of moments when I almost gave up, you know, I mean music is no guaranteed thing. You’re not guaranteed a career in this, and the ‘what ifs’, you know, hit you all the time. All the time. Especially when you’re laying down at night thinking those thoughts and stuff like that. Matt, he was a huge help. I met him as soon as I got to Manhattanville College and it’s funny we had a class together and after class he just came up to me and was like “You… you make music?” and I’m like “Yeah,” you know I’m a freshman it’s like my first day of school… I’m like shy and… Can I say?…

Matt BLAK: Yeah, you can curse.

Andre Blue: Ok. I’m shy and SHIT


Andre Blue: But yeah he like drags me down to the piano room and like starts playing this song called “Ms. Hustler” that eventually I ended up remixing and we have a whole recorded version of that, it’s pretty dope. Never released though. But um, Matt was a huge help, as soon as I got here he was like, this is real. This music thing is real, this is something I can actually do. You know, he’s encouraging me to come up to these open mics and audition for fall fest and quad jam, things like that and it’s like he assured me. He was a big help in assuring me that this is a dream I can really make come true. So shout out to Matthew Relevo. I love that guy.

Matt BLAK: So How’s the music scene in Hartford?

Andre Blue: The music scene in Hartford. Wow. I love talking about it. It’s really starting to bud. It’s going somewhere I’ve never seen it go before because you know… a lot of people slept on us because we’re not as large as Chicago, and we’re not as large as Atlanta or Brooklyn, so a lot of people slept on Hartford. Before I went to college there wasn’t a lot of unity. There were people doing their thing here and there but nobody really came together and like collaborated or did shows or really promoted the other person’s work. It was all like a huge rivalry, you know what I mean? You could be best friends with this guy but you’re not gonna post his music because he’s not posting yours and it’s like, that’s not how it should’ve been. So I’m glad to have gone home over the summer and see that things are starting to really come alive. There’s people who are really getting big like um shout out the voyagers, shout out full effect, shout out Mike Flowz, a good friend of mine. You know a lot of people in the area are really starting to take off. Their listens are going up, their views on YouTube are going up and I’m just proud to say I’m a part of it.

*For more on Andre’s music, and his thoughts on various topics, watch the full interview on WMVL Radio’s official YouTube channel! Andre Blue’s The Wavy Tape Vol. 1 can be downloaded here

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